Raymond Aldred is a disabled, M├ętis philosopher and activist who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at McGill University and is also an artist. His present research in philosophy amalgamates around philosophy of romantic love, but he also dabbles in topics such as indigenous philosophies, disability, sexuality, caregiving, care-receiving, bioethics, neuroethics, and more. Prior to McGill, Ray’s philosophical work explored issues around caregiving, agency, and cognitive disability. For more information, you can look at his CV.

In May of 2020, Ray suffered from a stroke, and as result of that, he currently struggles to use language. According to him, his body and mind took a took him in a different direction that day. He still likes to think big thoughts, but art started to become a passion: it was a therapy and a rehabilitation during those dark and rough times. For more art by Ray you can look under the “Art” menu.